The resin market continues to make aggressive moves amidst ongoing global disruptions. We have seen material that is still available, albeit more expensive. The good news is that getting your products is still attainable even though lead times have increased. The obvious bad news is that consumers will be paying more for those products into the foreseeable future. Several major suppliers have recently released letters indicating price increases either this month or starting in April. Everyone should read that is, “It will never be any cheaper than it is right now. Buy now and stock up.”.

With the war in Ukraine and what many believe are underreported inflation numbers, many of our customers are hedging their bet and stocking up on items they feel they will need going forward. We are encouraging all of our clients to place their orders as soon as possible to secure their place in the production schedule and greatly increase the likelihood of getting their product sooner rather than later. If warehousing is an issue please contact me directly at or 260-827-0482 ext. 1004 to make arrangements to house your product for a period of time.

There is no denying that we are in tough times and it would seem even tougher times are to come. My team and I truly have your best interest in mind and will do all we can to service you no matter what may come. Please give me a call to discuss any concerns or to go over a strategy that best fits you and your team. America always seems to find a way and I firmly believe this is an opportunity to once again persevere and come out stronger and more resilient than ever. It’s just going to take some good old fashion hard word and ingenuity. Stay safe and God bless.

–Jason Brooks: National Sales & Marketing Manager