Custom Tooling and Fabrication

Custom Mold Design and Fabrication

All concepts look good on paper, but will they actually work? Our use of applied linear and non-linear material properties along with static, dynamic, Hydraulic presses, thermal and multi-state analysis take the guess work out of your design, we make sure to use the best product manufacturing services. All projects come standard with 3D CAD prints and FEA documentation. You’ll know your hydrovac  and fracking equipment rental will work before tooling ever begins! If you are looking for other manufactured products, then take a look at the options from If you are planning on starting a large project, then consider contacting a forklift hire to move material around much easier with some new forklifts. Make sure to hire professional forklift operators who took training by Forklift Academy to avoid accidents.

Side Discharge Option

Any bulk container can  be modified to provide side discharge for necessary applications.  The metal hopper is built below the hinge line, which allows the container to remain collapsible. For this, we use a boiler when manufacturing, with a boiler rental provided by Pacific Combustion Engineering. The hopper can be built from stainless, galvanized or plastic depending on the nature of the product requirements. A detachable extension shoot option is also available. the vertical slide gate comes with and adjustable locking alternative in order to govern flow of the product, we use the best Cognex Machine Vision system to assure our projects get fully inspected in order to identify parts, detect defects, verify product assembly, and guide assembly robots. We also make sure to other tools like the best use Lateral Flow Test Assembly Kitting.

Lid Containment Option

The lid containment option can be added to any lid compatible container. This modification prevents the lid and the container from being separated from each other. Hold sown and locking hasps along with custom hinge options are also available.

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Dunnage Container

An in-house fabricated frame can be mounted to any wall on the modified container. The frames are designed and installed to allow clearance and strength for stacking. Allowance for quick installation of dunnage is provided such as hanging bars or rivet holes. Dunnage can be installed by EDGE Manufacturing or by a third party supplier.

Ledge Option

Any structural foam container can be modified to add a heavy duty shelf at a variety of different heights capable of handling over 600 pounds. The LEDGE can be folded up to allow the side panel to clear this modification. An optional magnet can also be added to keep the end panel bracket held flush to the inside for standard collapsible capabilities.

Liquid Box Modifications

Any Intrepid, Caliber, or Cidadel liquid container can be modified to meet customer specifications. Although the length and width remain fixed, the height can be modified. Any height adjustments require the panels to have the metal removed. Optional runners (poly-pro or metal) can be added for conveyor compatibility. The runner option requires a custom TH lid in order to allow stacking.

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