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[9-21-2016] IMTS 2016 Sees Rise in Stainless Steel Wash Baskets (News)

This year at the IMTS show in Chicago one thing was predominant among all of the parts washers and cleaning companies...STAINLESS IS KING! Virtually every booth that featured some type of cleaning system was showcasing a stainless steel wash basket; a trend very much on...

[6-21-2016] Produce Container Repair - The Fruits of Labor (News)

Containers are more essential in today's produce market than they have ever been, which is why EDGE Manufacturing's produce container repair program has seen thousands container already come through their system. Fresh produce companies realize the need to extend...

[5-3-2016] 30,000 Square Feet Not Enough? (Update)

EDGE Manufacturing recently added another 30,000 square feet to their facility, but is that enough? With the addition of several new automotive, produce and bottling industry contracts and more in ongoing talks, the folks at EDGE are already looking to grow again. Whether...

[2-22-2016] 25 Years and Still Growing! (Announcement)

This month EDGE Manufacturing is celebrating its 25 Year Anniversary! We want to thank all of you for allowing us to serve our customers for the past 25 years! Be sure to take advantage of the 10% discount on all Kadon Totes, Tubs and Wash Baskets this month by enter the...

1-12-2016: 25 Years of Service Coming Next Month! (Announcement)

Next month EDGE Manufacturing is celebrating 25 years of serving our customers! In order to celebrate we've decided to give all of the gifts to YOU! Stay tuned for great deals and discounts and thank you for letting us serve you for the past 25 years!

7-10-2015: Serving You Out Of 190,000 Combined Square Feet! (NEWS)

In the ongoing effort to continually bring our customers the best products and services, the EDGE Manufacturing expansion project continues. Soon we will be operating out of a total combined area of 190,000+ square feet! Come put our skills to your advantage!