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[4-12-2017] How To Best Use EDGE Manufacturing (Information)

How can you best utilize EDGE Manufacturing to further promote your business? We provide a variety of options from consulting to fabrication, tool design, prototyping and more. Have a product that needs to be first-to-market? Let our team of experienced professionals guide you every step of the way. We work side-by-side with your staff from concept to tool fabrication right down to injection molding the finished product. With three design engineers, multiple CNC and laser machines, three facilities and a proven track record, you can be sure your team will get you exactly what you need.Need small 3-D samples? No problem! Need larger mock-ups? You got it!

Maybe you're not sure if we can assist you with your project. Contact our talented sales professionals to quickly find out. Our team is dedicated to your success and you may be surprised just how far our expertise can reach. Give us a call today to find out exactly how EDGE Manufacturing can get you started!